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What is the Next Big Thing in Social Media in 2014?

What is the next big thing in social networking? It could be you. We can help you get a better Google, YouTube, Alexa or Instagram ranking. Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. We have been in business since 1997 … Continue reading → The post What is the Next Big Thing in Social Media in 2013? appeared first on Mohr Publicity Shopping Cart .

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The Most Cringeworthy Autocorrects Of The Month (NSFW)

Ah, autocorrect, the gift that keeps on giving. This month’s autocorrect fails made us giggle, but also taught us some important lessons: God has a very strong opinion about vegetables, posting about your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend on Facebook is never a good idea, and coffee isn’t the only substance that can help you wake up in the morning. Check out the month’s funniest autocorrects courtesy of Damn You Autocorrect and remember, always, ALWAYS double check before pressing send.

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Why A Data Scientist Should Be Your Next Marketing Hire

Identified as the ” sexiest job of the 21st century ” by Harvard Business Review, it’s no wonder that demand for the data scientist position has skyrocketed. However, according to McKinsey research , by 2018 the United States will experience a shortage of 190,000 skilled data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts capable of reaping actionable insights from the big data deluge. With an estimated 40,000 exabytes of data being collected by 2020 — up from 2700 exabytes in 2012 — the implications of this shortage become apparent. So what exactly does the role of the data scientist entail and what value can data-driven marketing bring to organizations? CXOTalk went straight to the source and talked with two of the most extraordinary data scientists of the day: Dr.

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This Lying Down Desk Is Roughly 10,000x Better Than Standing Desks

Thought standing desks would be the way of the future? Well, a company in Japan is about to give the alternative desk solution a run for its money. Sanko Co.’s “Lazy Desk” is now available for preorder online. The product, priced at 8,980 yen (about $90), aims to fulfill everyone’s wish of never having to get out of bed to go to work. The product, originally reported on by Live Door News, allows the user to secure a laptop above his or her resting head .

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Facebook Is Back

UPDATE: 3:00 p.m. — It’s back. You may now resume posting those photos of your beautiful cats/children/lunch. Something weird is happening at Facebook. Sometimes it’s saying this..

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Heidi Klum — Topless Photo RUINED by Zac Posen’s Hand

Heidi Klum nearly posted one of the best photos in the history of Instagram … if only designer Zac Posen had kept his damn hand to himself. Klum, wearing nothing but a pair of tiny panties, posted the photo with the caption: “@zac_posen ….I need…

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16 Instagram Accounts Every Pit Bull Lover Should Follow

It’s #PitBullWeek here at HuffPost, a time to celebrate the often overlooked and under-appreciated pups that many have come to know and love. While many shelter pets are in need of a loving forever home (if you’re looking for a new companion, check out these adoption sites , or head to your local shelter ), not all of us are in a place to adopt just yet. So, if you don’t have your own pit bull handy to cover you in kisses , we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pibble-related Instagram accounts out there to help you get your fix. Take a look, and if you do have a pooch of your own, tweet a photo to @HuffPostGreen or upload one to Instagram and tag them #PitBullWeek. We’ll share some of the best on our social accounts.

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Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Pretty Much Every Tech Company

The Westboro Baptist Church is heading out on a “God Hates the Media Tour,” with plans to picket pretty much every major technology company in Silicon Valley. ValleyWag noted WBC’s announcement on Wednesday. The quasi-religious group, known for its vitriolic anti-gay rhetoric and picketing of funerals, will kick off its latest crusade on Aug. 12.

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A Dad’s Hysterical Attempt at Decoding Hashtags

Explaining “what you do” to your parents is not exactly easy when you work in social media. I know, I know — Facebook is now considered “your mom’s social media outlet,” but even if she does have a profile (which mine does not), she still likely thinks all a social media manager does is play around on Facebook and Twitter all day. Being in the field myself, I know that’s the furthest thing from the truth. When I attempt to explain what I’m doing at work to my parents, they try their best to understand, but I know they have no idea what I just said to them. In an effort to educate my parents about social media and show how different generations use it, I asked my 60-year-old dad to define the following popular hashtags. And even I couldn’t have imagined all of the glorious, absurd things he came up with

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