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Twitter Can’t Even With Fox’s Morning News Alert

Leave it to Fox News to send a morning push alert quite possibly worse than your morning alarm.  On Thursday around 9 a.m., Fox News sent a push notification through Apple News with the message: “Most men just want a woman who’s nice.”  Great. Thanks for that.  The alert was for an article written by family and marriage author Suzanne Venker (who also wrote  The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage: HOW LOVE WORKS ), who says that men want a “nice” woman ― which apparently means “women who are easy to love.”  “Most husbands have no desire to lord over their wives, but they don’t want to fight with them either. All they want is peace,” Venker writes. “And the nicer you are, the more likely they are to find it.” Luckily, Twitter users took note of the completely unnecessary and rather ironic notification, and decided to send Fox News a couple morning messages of their own.  Most men just want a woman who's nice and signed an arbitration agreement. — Chloe Angyal (@ChloeAngyal) May 11, 2017 When Fox News, which has paid tens of millions to settle sex harassment cases this year, sends you an alert about nice women – @EmilyRPeck pic.twitter.com/HwdPoFO8F7 — HuffPost (@HuffPost) May 11, 2017 “Most men just want a woman who's nice” me: pic.twitter.com/x3z0jGFLYL — Jenna Amatulli (@ohheyjenna) May 11, 2017 this is the worst Dr. Seuss book I've ever read pic.twitter.com/OBvRE4uLFv — Melissa Radzimski (@melissaradz) May 11, 2017 News alert this am from Fox News “most men just want a woman who is nice”…WTH!! Was this an actual study

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Twitter Can’t Even With Fox’s Morning News Alert

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