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Thank You For Facing Addiction, Mark Zuckerberg. Now, Let’s Get To Work.

In a powerful, touching post this weekend, the CEO of Facebook highlighted the opioid addiction crisis that is impacting communities across America. “Treating an epidemic like this is complicated and the people I met say it’s years from even peaking,” he said. “But they also came back to the importance of connection and relationships.” By bringing his powerful voice to this cause at a critical time—when so many people are losing their lives to addiction—Zuckerberg is helping to change the conversation and prompt solutions to be brought to the forefront urgently. Zuckerberg met with families of loss and people in recovery in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday. They talked about how important it is to reduce the stigma that comes from being touched by addiction, and how criticizing or condemning people who have a substance use disorder makes it so much harder for them to seek treatment. The first-ever Surgeon General’s report on addiction, Facing Addiction in America , confirmed that only 1 in 10 people receive any kind of specialty treatment, but that “substance use disorders can be effectively treated, with recurrence rates no higher than those for other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.

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Thank You For Facing Addiction, Mark Zuckerberg. Now, Let’s Get To Work.

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