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The Subliminal-Solution to America’s “Social-Cyber Concerns” in 2013

Jan 2, 2013. By Fab Whittington

America 2013-2015 Meltdown-Survivable is the NEW Standard for Thriller, Crime and-Science Fiction Reading meets Reality. Innovatively within  highly emotionally charged and  Provocative Topics and Financial-Insight pages.

More than a Book-it’s “life in America in 2013” Providing Actual Solutions for the Everyday- person. Not a direct Financial or  Survival Guide…. Each chapter captivates the Reader by placing them in the true emotional state of an Interactive- personal experience. Concluding with a simple, but Proven-Solution to cope with America’s  Turbulent Political and current American Financial Issues .

Skyrocketing in popularity within its first week of Launch-release on Amazon Kindle Books: “America 2013 -2015 Meltdown” sets the tone for realization that Actual History is being made NOW– Just as in the formation of America. Comparing 2013 to:  The Civil War, and Civil Rights Era of the 1960’s . To Civil-Disruptions in the 1990’s.Recent Financial uncertainties of the Unions are Actually providing new Investment Strategy. Americans are directly affected!  This Book provides alternatives to further avoid additional personal negative “Monetary Consequence.”

The Book draws the Reader into the direct Personal relationship and the challenges facing Americans today. The Author highlights both the discouraging Negatives, countering with Positive aspects for 2013. The Radical-Political divisions possibly leading to actual Civil-War, and recent TAX Uncertainties by example awakens the Reader toward a new sense of inner Resolve and Small Business opportunity.

America 2013, Meltdown quickly accelerates to its Unique- Genre by musing Thriller-Science Fiction-and Reality. **Necessarily GRAPHIC but Accurate descriptions of  2012-2013 Events. This Book tugs at your Heart-Strings, yet provides the necessary insight and roads to encouragement to fulfill the NEW American Dream. The Reader subconsciously  interprets the obviously compelling opportunities.

If there was an Investment Strategy  for “Thriller-Science-Fiction-Reality-Financial Self Help”  This Book is the Answer for America 2013, for the Small and Large Opportunity. Financial and Self- Investment.

Available at Amazon and on Kindle eBook.

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