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RebelMouse: Keeping a Grip in One Big Social Whirl

Busy social networkers will know how much hassle it can be to keep swapping between different services, each with its own app or website. The aggregators tested here aim to make your life simpler by bringing many social networking accounts into one place.

Stephanie Haberman

Rebel Mouse, the new web service by former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry, wants to be the front page to your life on the internet.

On first glance, it looks like a digital newspaper of your social life, organized on Pinterest. After you spend some time on the site, it becomes clear that it’s much more than that.

Although people are great at updating social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, their personal websites are a constant source of embarrassment. Berry told Mashable, Rebel Mouse brings it all together.

“When I was chief tech officer at Huffington Post, people would constantly come to me asking me how to build a homepage,” Berry said. The only answer he had to give is that it was really hard. He knew, however, that it should be something that was easy to do.

Rebel Mouse lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter to a homepage that constantly refreshes itself. You are also able to rearrange posts so that you have a level of editorial curation that supersedes what Facebook and Twitter alone provides.

While the website only allows for Facebook and Twitter integration at launch, Instagram and Tumblr will be integrated in “three to six weeks, max,” according to Berry. Also coming soon to the service is an increased ability to see what other Rebel Mouse users are doing.

In the longer run, Rebel Mouse hopes to monetize organically by providing businesses an e-commerce platform, allowing people such as photographers and fashion designers to sell their wares in a dynamic, visual way. Another form of monetization they plan on is sponsored content.

“I hate display advertising,” Berry told Mashable. “Brands are dying to become publishers, but they know that they are bad at it. Rebel Mouse should help them be good at it, and help them engage with influencers as well.”

The platform is also working on a native iOS mobile app, which it has unique plans for. “We’re going to allow people and businesses to launch personalized iOS apps using our platform.” Berry told Mashable. These apps will allow people with large personal followings as well as businesses to create native apps that allow fans and followers to track what they do in the social space in a centralized location.

“It’ll be a reasonable price point,” Berry said— something around $20 a month to have an app, and then an additional $1-$3 a month.

A basic Rebel Mouse account will always be free, Berry said, but if you want your account pointing to a personal domain name, you will need to pay $3 a month. If a business wants to use a Rebel Mouse in a personalized way, they’ll have to pay $3 a week, which comes out to be just over $150 a year.

So is it more of a publishing platform, or a social platform?

“The magic is in that it’s both,” Berry told Mashable. “A social platform where you are just reading doesn’t feel right. A publishing platform that isn’t social is frustrating.”

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Social Media BLING: The Next Big Thing?

How to get a celebrities and the elite to follow you on Twitter

Twitter expert Keith Keller reveals how you can land a spot in your favorite celebrity’s follow list in 2013.

Find the right target “You have a better shot at being followed by a celebrity who actually follows their fans,” says Keith. “They obviously take an interest in them.” • Leighton Meester? She follows 130 people. Too hard. • Justin Bieber? He follows over 119,000. Totally doable!

Stand out from the crowd When trying to get a celebrity’s attention in their feed, you have to make your tweet stand out. “Using keywords is the best way to get their attention,” says Keith. “Find out what they’re interested in and what they’re tweeting about.” • Use trending hashtags• Include your own hook• Be consistent (they’ll notice you eventually!)

… but don’t be creepy The worst thing you could do is make your username something stalkerish like @justinbieberismine because chances are, it will just get you the wrong kind of attention. Instead, Keith suggests you use something “catchy and easy for them to remember”.

Find out what’s important to them “Showing support for something that’s important to them is an almost fail-proof way to get their attention,” reveals Keith. “Retweet links they’ve posted, share their videos and help them promote something that they really believe in.” Nothing OTT, just a few flattering words and a compliment, or two!

Make their fans your fans Need one last shot? Flood their Twitter stream. “Target their Twitter friends by replying to their posts,” says Keith. “Aim to write the best ever tweet – something witty that they want to retweet.” Your celeb will see that every tweet in their feed is a retweet of yours. You must be someone worth following then, right? Genius.

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Pulse Gets More Personal, Lets Users Add Their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr & Tumblr Feeds

Pulse, the popular news-reading app for the Web and mobile, just announced that it is going beyond the standard news sources it currently features and is adding authenticated social feeds from social sites like YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and Facebook to its app.

Read the original post:
Pulse Gets More Personal, Lets Users Add Their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr & Tumblr Feeds

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How to Get Started Building a Digital Media Strategy

It’s a different world out there. In 2013, digital media-social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, plus other digital avenues such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and others-will become increasingly important to brand awareness.

Visit link:
How to Get Started Building a Digital Media Strategy

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Vine: The Next Big Thing in Social Media Newsgathering in 2013?

Vine, a new app from Twitter, could be the next big thing in social media newsgathering, according to some media watchers. Released on Jan. 24, the so-called “Instagram for video,” allows users to capture six-second looping videos and share them on Twitter. Released on Jan. 24, the so-called “Instagram for video,” allows users to capture six-second looping videos and share them on Twitter.

The low-resolution videos are described as something closer to animated GIF files, looping back with ambient noise captured in the background. Users simply open the app, record and post what they captured, without the option of filters, editing or adding sounds. Wired described the no-frills design as “touch to shoot; scroll to play.”

PandoDaily celebrated Vine’s potential as a tool for the practice and consumption of journalism, arguing that it arms “journalists with greater storytelling firepower in the digital form.” Hamish McKenzie wrote that the app’s ease of use, ability to capture audio, and backing from Twitter lay a strong foundation for the video sharing platform’s news potential. In an era when reporters are asked to flush themselves out into individual media brands, McKenzie argues that Vine could help online and print journalists build their personas.

Highlighting an example of Vine capturing a fire breaking out in a San Francisco neighborhood, CNET’s Daniel Terdiman reflected on the app’s newsgathering potential on Tuesday, Feb. 5, imaging that “millions of people” could pull out their smart phone, record and share breaking news.

“What if the Arab Spring, or Hurricane Sandy had been Vined?” Terdiman asked.

Poynter’s Jeff Sonderman questioned whether the unedited, more realistic nature of video would presentethical dilemmas for reporters as to when Vine clips would be appropriate, especially when covering violent events.

Vine is not the first time short-burst video has been used by news organizations. During the 2012 election season, The Wall Street Journal announced the launch of the WSJ WorldStream, a micro-blogging platform powered by Tout featuring short videos up to 45 seconds long shot by Dow Jones reporters. Unlike Vine’s The Journal said at the time, however, it would not break news with the video platform.

 By Zach Dyer

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Genius Ways Social Media Was Used During Superbowl Black Out

Samantha Murphy on Mashable
Advertisers shell out big money each year to get it front of millions of eyeballs on Super Bowl Sunday, but some brands banked on social media to create buzz. In many cases, it paid off — companies that were quick on their feet during opportune moments such as the stadium blackout became a huge topic of conversation on the web, seemingly cost free.The strongest example of this is Oreo, whose quick-witted ad hit just minutes after the power went out at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The ad — which said, “No power? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark” — was retweeted nearly 15,000 times and won respect for making the most of the situation. It created even more buzz than its TV ad.

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Twitter: Hacking Attacks 250K Users


In a blog post this afternoon, Twitter explained that the attacks may have comprised data for a quarter of a million users, and the social network issued recommendations for stronger password security.

Daniel Terdiman

Twitter said today that it recently detected a series of attempts to hack into user data and that the attackers may have successfully absconded with some users’ information.

In a blog post this afternoon, Twitter explained the situation and the steps it has taken to fight off the hackers.

This week, we detected unusual access patterns that led to us identifying unauthorized access attempts to Twitter user data. We discovered one live attack and were able to shut it down in process moments later. However, our investigation has thus far indicated that the attackers may have had access to limited user information — usernames, e-mail addresses, session tokens, and encrypted/salted versions of passwords — for approximately 250,000 users.As a precautionary security measure, we have reset passwords and revoked session tokens for these accounts. If your account was one of them, you will have recently received (or will shortly) an e-mail from us at the address associated with your Twitter account notifying you that you will need to create a new password. Your old password will not work when you try to log in to Twitter.

In an e-mail to affected users (including myself), Twitter wrote that it “believes that your account may have been compromised by a Web site or service not associated with Twitter. We’ve reset your password to prevent others from accessing your account.”

Many people are speculating on Twitter that the affected accounts are all among the service’s earliest — in other words, that they were accounts created in 2006 or 2007, since only owners of accounts that old seem to have received the notice from Twitter. It appears that the hackers behind the attacks had not targeted any specific group, like political dissidents or media organizations.

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Facebook Launches New Search Engine

The social network unveiled a new search tool, Graph Search, that Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg described as the “third pillar” of Facebook, alongside News Feed and Timeline.

Graph Search, which is initially launching in beta as a limited preview for U.S. audiences only, will allow users to uncover social connections between other members of the site and quickly identify which friends have been to certain places, “liked” specific topics or appeared in certain photos.

Friends, places, interests and photos will be the foundation for queries when the search engine launches, Facebook said. For example, Facebook explained how Graph Search could be used to find “My friends who live in Palo Alto who like Game of Thrones,” “Indian restaurants liked by my friends from India” or “Photos of my friends taken in Paris.” Singles looking to meet people could search “Friends of friends who are single men in San Francisco.” Someone trying to remember a person she’d met at a friend’s party the evening before could query, “People named Drew who are friends of Peter and went to Harvard.” The new search tool will occupy prime real estate at the top of all Facebook pages.

facebook graph search

“Graph Search is designed to show you the answer and not links to answers,” said Zuckerberg.

When Graph Search isn’t able to return an answer for a search query, however, it willdefault to show results from Bing, Microsoft’s search engine and a longtime Facebook partner.

Facebook took pains to educate users on the differences between searching Facebook with Graph Search and performing a web search using a search engine like Google.

“Web search is designed to take a set of keywords (for example: ‘hip hop’) and provide the best possible results that match those keywords,” Facebook explained in a press release. “With Graph Search you combine phrases (for example: ‘my friends in New York who like Jay-Z’) to get that set of people, places, photos or other content that’s been shared on Facebook.”

Zuckerberg emphasized that Graph Search will respect users’ existing privacy settings — people searching will only see content that has been shared with them — and noted that Facebook has added an alert to users’ News Feeds asking them to review their privacy preferences before the search tool is launched.

Graph Search will initially be available only to “tens of thousands” of users, according to the Financial Times, but will launch publicly within the next few months. Facebook users interested in trying Graph Search can sign up to join the waiting list here.

Huffington Post

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