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Twitter Acquires Brisbane-Founded Social Media Music Startup We Are Hunted

We Are Hunted – which tracks the world’s 99 most popular emerging songs on the social web in real-time – was created in Brisbane by Stephen Phillips, Richard Slatter and Michael Doherty, and said to be the backbone of the next big thing in social media: Twitter’s Music App due to launch today.

The five-year-old start-up, which grew with funding by online accommodation group Wotif.com founder Graeme Wood and Queensland businessman John Lyons, was rumoured to have been acquired by Twitter last year, but it was only yesterday that official word was released confirming the deal.

Twitter Australia yesterday said “Australian boys @wearehunted have joined the flock. Welcome to the Twitter team!”.

In a tweet yesterday Mr Phillips’ said: “So now I work at Twitter… A huge thank you to everyone who worked at We Are Hunted over the past 5 years. And big thanks to Graeme Wood for giving us all the chance.”

A statement on the We Are Hunted site said: “The last few years have been an incredible experience made possible by the various staff, contractors and partners we’ve worked with. We would like to thank our board and investors, particularly Graeme Wood, who backed us in late 2007 and never stopped supporting and mentoring us.”

Amid a flood of congratulations, Mr Slatter tweeted: “Great times since 2008. Can’t wait for the next chapter or two!”.

He said “Brisbane has some serious talent beyond the Hunted team. Let’s not keep it a secret.”

We Are Hunted was expected to form the backbone of the new Twitter Music app, with the team confirming that while their old site would shut down “we will continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team”.

“There’s no question that Twitter and music go well together. Artists turn to Twitter first to connect with fans.”

They may want to visit Mohr Publicity for the best chance at populating their sites and adding thousands of now Twitter Followers.

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Jim Yu: Pinterest and Quora for Business? Ignore at Your Peril

Quick: what business Top 10 list contains such strange bedfellows as Starbucks, Disney, Walmart, General Electric and Louis Vuitton? I’ll bet you didn’t guess Pinterest. Since it introduced Pinterest for Business just last November, the three-year-old pinboard photosharing website has been on fire. And if you haven’t yet heard of Pinterest for Business and the company’s new set of tools and terms designed to help brands use the site to engage users, you’d better catch up fast. See more here:

Jim Yu: Pinterest and Quora for Business? Ignore at Your Peril

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This Is Twitter ‘s Plan To Get A Piece Of The $70 Billion Spent On TV Advertising

Two sources familiar with Twitter ‘s TV advertising ambitions explain.

Go here to read the rest:
This Is Twitter ‘s Plan To Get A Piece Of The $70 Billion Spent On TV Advertising

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Mohr Publicity Ranks Heavily on Page #1 on Google

Getting on Page One of Google: It’s All Science Says Mohr Publicity


A former Hollywood Production Company uses high tech staff to work on creating innovative social media marketing algorithms that launch top PR campaigns.

Los Angeles, CA — Breaking into the big leagues of top Los Angeles PR firms and traditional Publicity Agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi and TBWAChiatDay would be daunting for any reputable PR Agency, but new promotional technologies in social media have leveled the playing field according to the executives at Mohr Publicity. “We can compete with the big companies because we use complex formulas to attract followers, fans and views to a company’s site as fast as any million dollar PR firm.” says CEO Sandra Mohr. “We give credit to the computer programmers and social media experts we have on our team…they are absolute geniuses.”

In their all-inclusive Born To Be Viral PR package (listed on the site for $365) Mohr Publicity promises to send 10,000 active Twitter Followers, 2500 Facebook Likes, 10,000 YouTube Views and place a client’s press release into 100 top newspapers including the Boston Globe, SFGate, and Newsday.com within a couple of days. “It used to be impossible to compete with mainstream publishers, PR firms, record companies, and film distributors,” says Mohr. “Now we can launch the careers of authors, musicians and indie filmmakers by using advanced social media technology to break into the cliques that dominate the artistic and entertainment industries.”

It sounds almost too good to be true; tens of thousands of active Twitter Followers, 5 Star IMDB star meter ratings and positive Amazon.com reviews delivered practically overnight? Apparently, it has been going on for many years-a best kept secret used by the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. But, as Sony, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and dozens of entertainment companies learned the hard way, social media promotions throwing hoards of followers to a site need to be careful not to violate the “terms of services” put forth by YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Automated or “bot” social media promotions can cause an account to be banned or permanently removed from the social media site. “We wish Beyonce and Lady Gaga would have come to Mohr Publicity for their Twitter and YouTube promotions,” says the company CEO. “Their views would still be up and all of their original Twitter followers would be present and active.”

Mohr Publicity has quickly become one of the most popular public relations agencies in Los Angeles because it produces results quickly in the world of traditional (press release) news media as well as the newest social media sites. As a road test, we had Mohr Publicity “retweet” a message on Twitter with the hashtag #oprahbookclub. Not only was the tweet shared by over 2000 Twitter accounts, it stayed at the top of the Oprah book list chat for 6 days. In a world craving “instant gratification” they manage their brands quickly and affordably.

Using their own PR services to promote their website has been effective, too. Google the words: Best Publicity Company in the USA and you will see Mohr Publicity comfortably dominating page 1. No small feat for a company about to celebrate its first year in business. “We started out as a film production company in 1997, but PR and social media became such an important part of jump-starting our client’s promotions, we decided to open a publicity arm,” says founder Sandra Mohr. “It just took off from there.”

About Mohr Publicity
Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. They specialize in social media and Internet promotions including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Their companies Born To Be Viral and Next Big Thing News keep clients up to date on the newest Internet promotions. Mohr Publicity was established in 1997.

Denise Hubbard
Mohr Publicity is located in Los Angeles, CA
Email: media@mohrpublicity.com
Phone: 323-521-3409
Website: http://mohrpublicity.com

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how to get retweets fast Mohr Publicity

5 Best Practices for Hashtags

Hashtags are the quickest and easiest way to search for and find out what Twitter users are currently talking about.

They’re also key to productive Twitter engagement – hashtags put your tweets in front of the people who are interested in them.

Check out this post for a short history of the hashtag.

But most importantly: how do you use them? And how do you use them well?


In an effort to staunch the flow of annoying hashtag stuffing on Twitter, and help you amp up your Twitter efforts in 2013, here are five best practices for using hashtags on Twitter.

Don’t overuse them. Hashtags are most effective when you use them judiciously. Including more than two in a single tweet is overkill. And irritating. Rule of thumb: you only need to tag the most important word that represents the theme of your tweet.

Be obvious. Often, the best hashtag is the most obvious one. Consider this case study: the producers of the American version of X-Factor wanted to differentiate their show from the original British version, so they settled on using the hashtag “XFUSA.” But then a funny thing happened: fans, of their own accord, started using the non-promoted #xfactor five times more than the official #XFUSA.

So the producers listened to their fans and changed it up, using #xfactor to promote the show in its second episode. They saw an immediate increase in the Twitter conversation surrounding the show.

Join a conversation. You can benefit from the power of hashtags without generating them on your own. Find a Twitter chat that’s relevant or interesting to you by identifying its hashtag, and follow along.

There is a Google Spreadsheet online that lists all of the active Twitter hashtag chats, which is a great place to start browsing for topics that interest you. Alternatively, you can find hashtag chats through Twitter.com’s search, by asking your followers about any chats they might participate in, or by stumbling across one in the trending topics list. Bonus: If you join in a popular conversation on Twitter using a hashtag, you increase the likelihood that you’ll get retweeted.

Try before you buy. Before jumping head-first into a dialogue, it’s best to double-check what the hashtag being used really means. Sites like What The Trend show you the top hashtag trending topics on Twitter, along with a short description of each, how long ago this phrase started trending and when it received its description. It’s worth taking the extra few seconds to look before you leap. Don’t want to make this mistake.

Target your audience. Ironic hashtags will always be a thing, but best practice on Twitter dictates that proper hashtags are used to target other tweeps with relevant messages. Take advantage of the hashtag as a filing or labeling tool by indicating to the Twittersphere who your tweets are intended for. For example, a marketing pro could use the hashtag #marketing101 to indicate that a tweet contains marketing intel; or if you are a freelance web designer, for instance, you might want to tag those tweets that contain tips for fellow designers with #webdesigntip.


By Allison Stadd , Media Bistro

Buy RETWEETS for you Tweet and make your HASHTAG Dominate Twitter. Order at Mohr Publicity.

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How To Get Your Twitter Account Verified in 2 minutes (By Changing Your Header Photo)

Have you ever wanted to be famous? Of course you have! Now you can make your Twitter profile look like it’s verified, just like professional skater Lil’ Wayne.

With Twitter’s new header, you can now upload a cover photo onto your profile to be seen online and on mobile devices. This works instantly, but do it at your own risk!

Just click here and change your header with the images below to get “verified” in seconds!

Use this one for average sized names:

This one for smaller names:

And this one for longer names:

 Then use the levers below your new background to adjust it to the perfect size.

This is what a real verified Twitter account looks like:

And here’s my new one. LOOK, I’M FAMOUS!

Yes, of course, it’s very cheesy, but there will be plenty of Twitter users that might want to prank their friends. Or maybe they just want to feel famous for a bit. Don’t we all?

The above images are around 520 by 260 pixels, but Twitter recommends the dimensions be 1200 x 600 for decent quality, so the verified icon doesn’t look too blurry. To make your own custom one, just open up your background photo wanted in Photoshop (or whatever) and resize it to 1200 x 600, then insert the Twitter verified logo at the appropriate spot and save.


According to Twitter:

“Misuse of Twitter Badges: You may not use a Verified Account badge or Promoted Products badge unless it is provided by Twitter. Accounts using these badges as part of profile photos, header photos, background images, or in a way that falsely implies affiliation with Twitter will be suspended.”

So, be careful. They could possibly ban ya. But…you could start over again and have Mohr Publicity send you a few thousand starter fans and followers!

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cars and social media

Unmetric Reports: Audi, Mercedes, VW Ahead in Social Media Engagement

New report on automakers reveals luxury automobile brands command powerful presence on Facebook and Twitter NEW YORK – With the U.S. auto show season in full swing, automakers are taking advantage of social media to get consumers excited about new and current models, and hopefully through the doors …

The rest is here:
Unmetric Reports: Audi, Mercedes, VW Ahead in Social Media Engagement

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craigslist-best-online ads

How Grammy Nominees Stack Up on Social Media

What if Grammys were given out based on popularity on social media? This infographic examines which nominees are dominating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Read more:
How Grammy Nominees Stack Up on Social Media

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