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Gunslinging Woman Chases Drone After It Starts Filming Her Home

Dramatic video reportedly taken by a drone last week in Washington state appears to show a woman trying to shoot the device out of the sky after it flew way too close to her home for her liking. The 35-second YouTube video that has since gone viral shows the woman first throwing items at the flying pest before going inside and returning with what looks like a firearm. Though the incident may seem staged, police in Bellevue, where the video’s description lists it as being filmed, told The Huffington Post that on Wednesday they received a call about a drone flying “above and around” a home that matches this one’s description. Public Information Officer Seth Tyler said that though the drone clearly set its camera on the woman’s home, an investigation didn’t find any criminal offenses committed. “The laws apply to unsafe operations,” Tyler told HuffPost Tuesday. “In this case, it appears that they were flying in a public area.” Regarding any voyeurism laws being broken, he suggested that the homeowner did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy because her window curtains were open

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Gunslinging Woman Chases Drone After It Starts Filming Her Home

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